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The town of Troon is in South Ayrshire, sitting approximately 8 miles north of Ayr. In the census which was collected in 2001, the town was shown to have just shy of 15,000 people living in it, which is an almost 5% increase on the population that it had at the census before this in the year 1991. This shows that the town in general is becoming increasingly popular as a place to live and work. Not only this, but thanks to the links to other nearby towns and islands, in addition to the scenic walks that are available, it is also a popular place for tourists to visit, meaning that the local business can benefit from the passing trade.

The name of the town is thought to have come from the word for “nose” in the Gaelic language. It isn’t known for sure, however, as the history of the name of the town can only actually be traced back as far as 1932 – so earlier analysis of where it came from isn’t possible. There are however remarkable similarities between the original word for “nose”, and the name of the town today.

The main trade of the original town was set up by the Duke of Portland when he used the harbour that was already on the north side of the town, and added docks to it. This meant that the town was then linked via the sea, and able to send and receive goods from all over the world. The town thrived thanks to the business brought in by the harbour, and in addition to this also made the most of the industry demands by introducing a shipbuilding company, therefore providing jobs for the locals.

With regards to living in Troon, there are many opportunities for sports if this is something that you hold a particular interest in. There is plenty of provision for education, with four primary schools and a secondary school to choose from. This means that Troon could be a great place to base yourself if you have young children, as you can be sure that their educational needs will be met perfectly. There are also transport links via bus and rail to nearby towns, which means that you can travel for work if this is something that you would like to consider.

Buying a property in Troon is a popular choice for many, and making an appointment with a mortgage advisor in Troon is the best first step, as you will then get the guidance that you need to ensure that you come to the right decision for your own personal needs. Thanks to the array of things to do, plus the job opportunities and educational provision, Troon is fast becoming a popular place to relocate to in Scotland – and you could be the next person to do so. A Troon mortgage broker should be able to help you with the financial side of your decision, and making an appointment will get the ball rolling and could mean that your home in Troon is much closer than you thought.