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Located in South Ayrshire, just 30 miles away from the vibrant city of Glasgow on the south-west coast of the country, Prestwick is a popular location for people wishing to relocate for a number of reasons. It is right next to the town of Ayr and houses just under 15,000 people according to the most recent census.

The name of the town in its literal form actually means “Priest’s Farm”, and this is because originally, the town was indeed a farm which was set right in the midst of the grounds of a religious house. The name has stuck over the years, and this is still what it is known as today. There are many historical landmarks in the town, including the remains of an ancient church which is right by the main railway station. This means that it is an interesting place to visit as well as live, and as such there is a popular and steady tourist industry in the area.

With regards to the lifestyle of those living in Prestwick, there are countless opportunities both in and out of the town thanks to the impressive transport links. Glasgow Prestwick International Airport provides links to long distance travel, and bus and train links allow travel within the town and to nearby towns, too. This means that Prestwick could be a good place to base yourself if you want to commute to work in a nearby town.

For those who enjoy an outdoor lifestyle, Prestwick beach will certainly be welcome, in addition to the walks that are possible all over the local area. There are also a number of B&B accommodation options for visitors, in addition to bars, cafes and restaurants to eat out at whilst in the town. If you have an interest in sport, then there are number of facilities for you, including a fitness centre and gym, tennis courts, football pitches and golf courses, meaning that if you enjoy keeping fit there are plenty of opportunities in Prestwick.

Schools are an important consideration if you are thinking of moving to the area, but the great news is that there are many options for education in Prestwick, including three primary schools and one secondary school. One of the primary schools is denominational, meaning that no matter what your religious beliefs, there will be something to suit you in the local area.

If you feel that Prestwick would be an ideal place for you to live, then you may wish to consider purchasing a property here. Seeing a mortgage advisor Prestwick based is the first step, as they will be able to advise you with regards to what you are able to afford, and how to start the process of buying a property. Choosing a new home can be an exciting time, so take the time to enjoy it, and look forward to the opportunities that are available to you in the local area. Your new home could be just a few steps away once you’ve given a Prestwick insurance broker a call!